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Treatments We Offer


We believe that our strength is correct diagnosis and advanced treatment planning, backed by our ethos,  ‘Dentistry without Anxiety, Fear and Pain’.

All proposed treatment is explained in detail to the patient. Possible options would always be discussed along with the comparative costs. Choice of treatment is a combination of experience, modern technology, and patient expectation. Information leaflets are available on all aspects of dental care offered.

Range of treatments

Holistic Approach

Our treatment extends beyond ‘repair of broken teeth’. We take into account the whole individual in a holistic approach.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We provide a full range of cosmetic options. In essence any treatment that improves your smile and in turn your confidence and a sense of well being can be called cosmetic dentistry.


We have a network of specialists whose services can be called upon when necessary.

Emergency Procedure

Emergencies are seen within 24 hours. Out of hours emergencies are usually dealt with by our own dentist. (Please note: there will be a call out charge for emergencies not relating to any treatment performed by this Practice in the previous six months.)

To view & understand much more about various Dental Treatments visit British Dental Health Foundation.

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Treatment Videos

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