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Request our Unique Smile Audit

This is your first examination with us. Most patients associate a dental check up with a dentist quickly looking around the mouth and telling them the verdict or what is wrong.


At Dene Dental Practice we do it a little differently.

First we gather all the information about your current dental problem as well as your past dental history.

Secondly we ask all about your general health, illnesses, medication etc to make sure nothing affects your future dental care.

Thirdly we check your jaw joints and jaw muscles for normal function. You may have a perfect set of healthy teeth and gums but unless your jaw functions well to bring the two sets of your upper and lower teeth together you cannot chew.

Next we check the soft tissues of your mouth for any abnormalities. This includes your lips, cheeks, all around the tongue, roof of your mouth and the throat.

We are one of a handful of practices to invest in ‘Velscope’ a fluorescence visualisation scanner that allows for early detection of lesions such as mouth cancer.

Next we check the health of your Gums. They form the foundations of your teeth. Without healthy gums the best teeth will not last.

Finally, we turn our attention to your teeth. Don’t forget, despite the methodical approach to your check up, the trained dentist’s eye is scanning your teeth all the time.

We have an intra-oral camera that can show you on a TV screen what the dentist is looking at in your mouth. It makes you appreciate your problem in …colour.

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