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Nervous patients

Are you like 9 out of 10 patients who attend a dental practice…nervous and rather not be there? We at Dene Dental appreciate that a visit to the dentist is not every ones favourite pastime.

We make a bold claim of being pain free dental practice. So, how do we achieve this?

We have made the premises comfortable, welcoming and modern. Our receptionist has 30 years’ experience in understanding nervous patients.

You are guaranteed to be seen by the same dentist, Vik, who has over 30 years experience of treating patients.

When you first call , our receptionist will hear your concerns. She will then give you a brief outline of the procedure when you come in for the first time and possible costs on that visit.

There onwards, Vik will take over and you will be in good hands. Your first consultation will be at a consulting table and not in the dental chair. You will be given time to spell out your current dental problems as well as your fears.

Your first step to pain free dentistry is the dental anesthetic.

We have created a ‘5 point pain reduction programme for giving dental injections’.

1. We always ensure that the anesthetic is warm.

2. We always apply a topical anesthetic gel to the gum before injecting.

3. We use the smallest and the sharpest needles possible.

4. We inject very slowly.

5. And finally, we reassure you throughout the procedure.

Once fully numb you will feel no pain during the treatment. Just incase, you will be able to stop Vik at any time during the course of treatment simply by raising your hand.