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Looking for a Perfect Smile?

What is a perfect smile?

We all vary in our understanding of what constitutes a perfect smile. So, the starting point at Dene Dental Practice is to understand your expectations and then to exceed them.

Is it Teeth Whitening your are looking for? Will you be happy with a slow at home whitening or prefer ‘One visit blast of in-chair Power Whitening (Zoom)?

Are your smiling teeth crowded and look crooked making it difficult to keep clean. Do you need a referral for long course of orthodontics (Braces) or our short term straight teeth program may be just the ticket for you.

Not every one needs teeth straightening. Some, especially females, can look uniquely attractive with some front teeth that are not quite in line. It would be part of your assessment for us to point out this fact to you.

Do you have missing teeth making your smile less than perfect? Are implants your best and least expensive choice? Or are there other options? We can explore these.

Your first step is recognising there is a need for improving your smile.

A simple question to ask your self would be:

“Where does improving my oral health and my smile fit in with my life right now”?