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What happens in the mouth is reflected in the rest of the body. Decay is no longer the major concern. Fluoride has taken care of that.

Eastern Medicine has always believed in a link between oral health and the health of the rest of your body. Scientific evidence now in the west has started to link oral health and many of the diseases of the body. Prominent of these are Heart problems, Diabetes, Arthritis. Long term poor oral health can instigate early many diseases of old age or at best aggravate them.

New health advice will now read: Good Diet / Exercise / Low blood pressure/ Stop smoking/ Reduce stress and KEEP GUM INFLAMMATION AT BAY.

It follows therefore that ‘you need to Partner with a hygienist for life to receive best advice / guidance and treatment to keep the oral inflammation at bay’.

Your initial visits with the hygienist are sticking to a formula A-B-C. But as she gets to know you and your mouth, she can focus more and more on the areas of concern to help you improve and maintain specific areas.

However, true long term outcome of your oral health depends on the ‘level of effort you put in at home on a day to day basis’. We prefer to call it the maintenance contract you have with yourself.

More than just a scale and polish, our Hygienist, can provide preventative treatment to support your efforts at keeping oral disease at bay.

Air Flow Stain removal

Normal scale and polish will get your teeth clean but if you want more detailed removal of all your stains then ‘Air Flow Stain Removal’ is the answer.