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FREE VELscope Mouth Cancer Screening

At Dene Dental Practice, we carry out a visual mouth cancer screening at every examination. Well, we are not looking for cancer per say but any abnormalities of the oral cavity some of which could potentially be cancerous.

All cancers in the mouth begin deep in the tissue. i.e. for a while they are growing below the surface before they become visible to the naked eye in the mouth. However, by this time they could have grown too big or spread.

So what could be better than just looking with your naked eyes? Well, something that allows you to see deep in to the oral tissues without too much effort.

Mouth Cancer Screening Open Day

Mouth Cancer Screening Open Day

Our Velscope scanner is designed to just that?

How does it work? It shines a very bright light that is capable of penetrating deep in to your oral tissues. Biologically all healthy cells are capable of reflecting light. So they appear bright. Those calls that are abnormal, damaged or changing are not capable of reflecting light and appear dark.

Velscope allows Fluorescence visualisation to high light the dark areas deep within the oral cavity in effect bringing about early detection.

Once noted, we simply keep an eye and monitor these every check up. Concerns are raised if changes are noticed between two checks.

However, you are still early in the process thus improving the outcome.